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Bathroom Tissues - 4 Rolls x 2ply

$2.99 $1.99

Our highly absorptive bathroom tissues are the perfect choice for all your hygiene-based needs. Alokozay Bathroom Tissues are created with your comfort as a priority. Their special dispenser-friendly design makes them easy to use, and they can also be easily disposed of, without causing clogging.Give your loved ones the gentle care of Alokozay Bathroom Tissues. They are designed to keep your skin clean and sanitised. What’s more, our paper products are manufactured using an eco-friendly procedure, lessening the impact on the environment. Whether it is for cleaning the house or tidying, Alokozay Bathroom Tissues are the perfect solution. These tissues are soft, yet strong enough for everyday use. Each tissue has gone through a specialized sterilization process to ensure that only the cleanest & best quality bathroom paper reaches you every time.


200 Sheets per Roll

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